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Events & Workshops

Sound Bath Immersion

Our signature Self Care Sound Bath experience returns this month to Peak State Yoga.

Date is set for Sunday, December 11th at 5:00pm.


A sound bath can be described as a musically meditative experience where a participant is immersed in a series of rich overtones and undertones that induce a deep relaxation experience.  Looking at our own relationship with music, we already understand the impact that the songs we listen to have on our hearts and minds.  

Through sound baths, we work with the foundations of music using notes, harmonics, frequency, and vibration to create a powerful meditative journey that helps bring greater clarity and awareness to our minds and hearts.  Alongside this benefit is a chance to get in touch with our emotional bodies, the relationship we have with them, and how we can better understand the messages behind them.

Once we’ve processed and integrated the overall experience, we can then begin to make more conscious decisions that benefit our overall well-being.

New to sound baths? Research has shown that novice meditators have a much more profound experience their first time than experienced meditators who practice regularly. Regardless of your level, our sound baths require nothing except for you to simply lay back, relax, and receive. Kyle Lam comes with over a decade’s worth of musical experience and facilitating healing ceremonies throughout Southern California and is known for curating powerful healing experiences for the community.

CBD will be available for an additional $10 for those who wish to enhance their sound bath experience. You may choose to add on this option when you purchase your ticket.

Adam will be offering tarot readings for this event as well. 

Feel free to arrive early to receive a reading or receive one after the sound bath concludes.

Please to bring the following for the sound bath:

- Yoga Mat

- Blanket

- Pillow

- Eye Covering (this helps to maximize the theta experience)

- Cushion to prop the legs up

- Water

- Wear comfortable and loose clothing

We are offering a sliding scale for this event:

Expand $50

Holiday Workshop

Learn how to make your own Holiday's arrangements!

Our durable decorations are:
- only from natural materials
- totally eco-friendly
- hypoallergenic
- handmade

Our Arrangements are made out of preserved and dried elements.
No two arrangements are identical. Recreations can be made depending on vase and material availability.
Price are indicated per arrangement.
The arrangements are everlasting, with a life span of 3-5 years.
To care for the arrangement you must:
- Not spray it with water, or add water to the vase
- Keep the arrangement out of direct sunlight as that could cause color fading
- Keep away from direct heating/colds
- Do not place in environments such as bathrooms where moisture can appear.

12 Week Workshop with Natasha Ganes

Your Inner Harmony: Journaling and Meditation Practices to Heal from Within

In this 12-week workshop series, you will learn powerful journaling, visualization, and meditation techniques designed to release stress and overwhelm, and help improve your overall mental and emotional wellbeing. A new health and wellness theme will be introduced each week.

Sunday 2pm - 3pm / Starting Oct 16th 2022 at Peak State Yoga Studio.

Package of 12 - $333
1 Session - $33

Members discount:
Package of 12 - $222
1 Session - $22

Virtual Workshop prices:
Package of 12 - $222 / 1 Session - $22
Members discount:
Package of 12 - $111 / 1 Session - $11

Cacao Ceremony


Join us in a cacao ceremony

Coming soon!

Abundance Exchange: $

Holistic Health Fair

Fitness Group

Cultivate Your Peak State 

Holistic Health Fair 


An Encore to your Summer Daze

December dates coming soon

Stay tuned!

Ground with us at Peak State Yoga + Wellness for a day of immersing in all the things that nourish, activate and support self care as we shimmy into the Fall season ~ the season of change ~  



  • Learn valuable lifestyle tools from a variety presenters on stress management + self care 

  • Connect with a variety of modalities for natural health with experienced practitioners in chiropractic, yoga, meditation, neuroscience, yoga philosophy, psychology, holistic nutrition + aromatherapy + more! 

  • Receive treatments + nourishing tonics from our amazing and passionate team of healers including massage therapy, Reiki, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, herbalism + more!

  • Drop in to 20 min discussions + movement practices throughout the day 

  • Listen to great music all day and COME BACK for ECSTATIC DANCE from 5:30-7:00pm with Rahma

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