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Classes We Offer

Learning to practice yoga both on and off the mat



Flow is a fluid moving yoga therapy class that synchronizes breath to movement. Students advance by layering up at their own pace, so classes are multi level.

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Strength is like Flow... with weights! This class blends yoga with various fitness modalities to create a full on sculpt for the body AND the mind.



"Traditional Yoga"or Hatha is a style of yoga that works to reset the spine and chakra system by focusing on proper alignment and longer holds, allowing students to move mindfully at a chilled pace.


Flow 2

Flow 2 will deepen your practice with a faster overall pace intermediate poses & arm balances. 

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Pilates/Barre blend- tone your whole body with traditional pilates movements infused with  barre power. High energy and heat building!

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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Stretch is great for all levels; a unique yoga experience using the anti-gravity silks to open up the body, release tension, decompress & de-stress.

Aerial Flow uses our industrial silks to cradle and assist you through a variety of yoga postures, build strength, stretch out and fly!

Yoga Stretches


Stretch is exactly like it sounds; students are moved through a series of movements designed to release tight & sore muscles, focusing on breath & awareness to help heal.

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Core-Lates integrates the traditional hip-centered practice of Pilates with the fluidity of yoga movements. Through meticulous isolation of individual muscle groups, we strengthen and align the core as a whole.


Candlelight Flow

End your Monday in a relaxed and peaceful environment, working out all the kinks as you're guided through a gentle flow class. 

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